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Free delivery within UAE in 48 hours
Free delivery within UAE in 48 hours

ANOSAN® - ECO Natural Air Disinfectant - Concentrated 5L (1 to 6 Dilution in Water)

Dhs. 157.50
  • Green Solution
  • Kills 99.995% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores
  • Skin Soft, pH neutral, non-irritant, hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic disinfectant & deodorizer
  • Free of alcohol, aldehydes, dyes & scents, non-staining
  • Cost & time effective with immediate disinfection

    Area of Application
  • Homes
  • Transport Vehicles
  • Offices
  • A/C Duct System

  • ANOSAN ECO® Natural Air Disinfectant & Odor Removal is a premium solution for air quality management, mold control and air disinfection, providing asthmatics with a 40% increase in lung capacity, for hard to reach areas such as vents.

    ANOSAN ECO® Natural Odor Removal and Air Disinfection can be nebulized for small to medium sized spaces or used on a larger scale in ventilation mist, using a wide range of utilities. This healthy cold fogging has additional benefits of odor removal and dust suppression while disinfecting hard to reach areas. Typical applications include odor elimination and control of mold in homes, offices and transport vehicles.