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Free delivery within UAE in 48 hours
Free delivery within UAE in 48 hours

About Us

Dubai Sanitizers concept was created during the recent outbreak in 2020 to provide carefully selected eco-friendly products & solutions to help the community in their protection, disinfection and sanitizing requirements.

Our team of experienced hygiene consultants, picked the best and safest green solutions & products from trusted suppliers such as Ecabiotec®️, Zoono and others to create a consumer line catering to your personal, home and out of home needs.

We are proud to offer:

- Chemical-Free Water Based Products
- Instant Microbiocide
- Non-Toxic
- Free of Solvents
- Food, Child and Pet Safe
- Asthma & Allergy Safe

    “Our Vision is to promote and spread awareness about the need to use safer solutions in our society to replace the current chemical, toxic and environmentally-harmful products”



    With the recent outbreak and the increasing awareness about the need to adopt stricter disinfection & hygiene habits for ourselves, loved ones and colleagues, majority of us found themselves opting for ANY available products to achieve the need without looking at the possible mid to long term risks that chemical or alcohol based products can cause to our health when used in excess.

    We at Dubai Sanitizers have a mission to source and fulfill (whenever possible) safer alternative solutions that are Instant, Non-Toxic, Free of Solvents and Totally Safe for humans, animals and the environment.